Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wow This Has Been a While

It has been quite a while since I have put a post on the blog, but tonight as I was searching around on the web, I popped into see if it was still up, so I figured I would write something on it.

There has been a lot going on in the sports world over the past few months, the Red Sox won the World Series, and hey they were a team I was lucky enough to watch that team play three games over the summer of 2013.

The Seattle Seahawks won the SuperBowl back in February, and well meh, who cares. haha, that one is for you Dave! lol. Richard Sherman tainted that for me, I can't believe I'm actually going to say this but I was pulling for the Broncos and for Wes Welker in the big game, it was tough to cheer for a team Peyton Manning was on but it didn't kill me.

The Olympics has started up and is almost over, it has been exciting to watch as always. I have been following both the Canadian Men's and Women's hockey teams quite closely. I can't wait to watch the Women's team face the US Women's team, they can always throw a big shindig on the ice. I am finding the Men's team is being over-coached, it seems like Stevie Y and Mike Babcock are very timid about making the wrong decision on putting the right players on the ice and the wrong goaltender in the net. What really drives me nuts was a comment that I heard on Bob McCown's show today and how one of the guys on the show was complaining about the Canadian medal count already and the fact the games aren't even over yet. He was essentially saying the Canadians over in Sochi are not as successful as the Canadians that were in Torino and Vancouver and that the medal count has the potential to not be as high as the last two winter games. I say, "LETS CELEBRATE THE PEOPLE THAT ARE COMING HOME WITH ONE AS WELL AS THE ONES THAT ARENT!", they made it to the biggest show on earth for some of their sports and you're sitting in a radio booth somewhere!

The Daytona 500 is days away from the green flag, it's been 10 years since my buddy Luke and I were there at the race when Dale Earnhardt Jr. passed Tony Stewart with two laps left in the race to get the win and get his name on the Harley Earl Trophy, the one that eluded his father for so many years. It's pretty much the only NASCAR race I watch anymore, its just not the same, I don't know if its the different cars, different drivers or the fact that my dad and I aren't able to talk on the phone and watch the ends of the races anymore, its just not the same.

Anyway, that's all I have got for now, I am honestly going to try and put more into this blog that I have over the last 6 months.

PS.. We are only a little over a month away from opening day and the Red Sox defending their World Series title!!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

My Boston Trip...

So it has been a while since I put a post up but hey life gets in the way again and bam its been a month since my last post. But in that month I have collected some great stories in it.

On July 1st my great buddy Mark and I hit the road with the final destination being Boston, MA. Come July 2nd we made it, now in saying that it didn't take us two days to drive to Boston, we stopped overnight in Portland, ME and woke up the following morning and took the AMTRAK Downeaster into North Station also the home of TD Banknorth Gardens and the Bruins and Celtics.

That night my buddy Mark and I were treated to an awesome opportunity at Fenway Park, now in saying this unless your going to watch the Red Sox play the Yankees, I think we figured out a great chance to get amazing seats at "America's Most Beloved Ball Park", going to the three games we went to I was a little nervous not going with any tickets in hand, but I was assured by Mark that we would have good seats if I was patient and waited in the "Game Day Ticket Sales" line (this gate is found on Lansdowne Street between Fenway and the Cask N' Flagon), now this is an awesome service the Sox offer to their Season's Ticket holders as well as the fans only going to one game (we went to three). If I understand it correctly the Sox allow Season Ticket holders to trade their tickets back into the organization in turn the organization gives the Season Ticket holders credit towards next season and that's how I got to sit in the best seats in the house!

My good buddy Mark and I were treated to the treat of treats, I wish I knew the name of the guy at the ticket booth but unfortunately I didn't get it. We sat in the front row of the Green Monstah, right smack dab in the middle of it. This is an experience everyone should be graced with at least once in their lives, because its like sitting right on the field with the team, the lights seem brighter, the grass looks greener and the dirt looks so red. The best part we paid face value for those tickets. Below is a picture from our seats.

This photo was taken by Murph. Please ask before taking this image.
During this game John Lackey pitched a great game and Koji came in for the save. The Sox won 4-1 in this game. The atmosphere was electric with this win.

The second game we went to was just as much off the charts as the first one, it was a very low scoring affair. Jon Lester pitched one heck of a great game too, Koji came in and got the win in this game but the highlight would definitely be Jonny Gomes coming on to pinch hit and slam the ball out over the Green Monster in the bottom of the ninth for a walk off homerun. Man I loved that "Dirty Water" that night, (If you have been to Fenway and fortunate to see them win, you have heard this Standells song), everyone was singing this song leaving the park that night.

This photo was taken by Murph. Please ask before taking this image.
This picture was taken right before Gomes parked the ball on top of the Green Monster. This was by far the highest of highlights of the entire trip. The ball went just left of where we had sat the night before. It would have been amazing to be sitting in those seats to have a chance to catch that ball. But we wanted a different perspective of the field, for this game we sat just to the right of home plate on the first base line about eight rows back from the field of play. The final score was 2-1.

On July 4th we went to our final game and it was just as amazing as the first two, first of all it was Independence Day, with Old Glory draped over the Green Monster, Honor Guards from each branch of the Armed Forces, and the designation of the POW/MIA seat at Fenway. The park was filled with excitement of the game and what a game it was. The final score was 8-2, and the fans never let up under the pressure of the heat that day. I can honestly say it was too hot to drink beer, bet you never thought you would hear a Canadian say that. it was 40 plus degrees (that's in Celsius, to my American readers) with the humidity.
All in all it was an amazing trip and one that I plan on taking a lot more, I will not let it go 19 years before my next visit.
I hope everyone is having a great summer!
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This photo was taken by Murph. Please ask before taking this photo.


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

NHL Playoffs... Too Long?? Oh and the NHL Entry Draft....

So by now, you folks have probably figured out that I really, really like hockey.... But something other than the lockout has irked me about the NHL.

Is it just me or are the playoffs too long??

This weekend will be the long weekend in July for us Canadians, and hockey is just wrapping up for the 2013 season. One way I think it could be shortened would be to take the first two rounds and knock them down to a 5 game series, you still get all the excitement of game 7 if both teams win two a piece, I know the downside would be for the team that only is guaranteed one home game, but that puts the onus on them to make the most of it to win at home. I'm completely okay with having the conference finals and Stanley Cup Final go seven games, this makes sense to me.

Now in saying this, it will shorten the playoffs, but it also takes away less of a chance for injury when it comes down to the final, a guy like Patrice Bergeron who played game six with a separated shoulder and torn cartilage both injuries that would put a player out for a few weeks, he played game 6 anyway. Maybe he wouldn't have avoided the injuries, but the nagging ones of a few extra games could have been avoided.

Anyway.. Just my thoughts.

Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks on their Stanley Cup win.

Next up for the NHL, is the 2013 NHL Entry Draft that begins on Saturday at the Prudential Center in Newark New Jersey. Defenseman, Seth Jones from the Portland Winterhawks still tops the list of eligible draftees above Forwards Nathan MacKinnon and Jonathan Drouin both of the Memorial Cup winning Halifax Mooseheads. 

Good luck to all eligible Draftees in Newark this weekend.


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Sunday, 23 June 2013

So It's Been a While....

So its almost been a month since my last post, certainly not how I wanted to write on my blog but hey it is what it is.

I've got a few things on my mind lately and now its time to get some of them out, so I can put some new stuff in there.

Aaron Hernandez, wow what can I say here, I love the Patriots and this guy was quickly coming to the ranks of Wes Welker (lay off of him for signing with Denver, player careers are short enough as it is and he deserved to be paid), Tedy Bruschi, Corey Dillon, Troy Brown, Logan Mankins, Tom Brady of course, and well lets just say I can keep adding to this list but I don't want to shy too far away from my point.

Things aren't looking for the Tight End from Connecticut, he is currently being investigated for murder, the Massachusetts State Police and North Attleboro Police have been searching the former Florida Gator's home on two different occasions over the last few days as well as removing contents in evidence bags.

Hernandez still has a chance to shine in the upcoming season(hopefully) if everything works out, keep in mind folks he hasn't been arrested as of yet, and even if this is the case he still has to be proven guilty by a jury of his peers. Don't let the Media sway your opinion everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Hernandez is being reunited with former Florida Gator Quarter Back, Tim Tebow. Which is going to lead me into my next subject.

Tim Tebow, has been signed by the New England Patriots during the offseason and will be reuniting with other Florida Gators in Brandon Spikes, Jermaine Cunningham, and Aaron Hernandez.

Now as a football fan I am super excited by this, now in saying this, Tebow will not challenge Tom Brady for his job, that's a given, Ryan Mallett shouldn't even be that worried unless Tebow comes out and shows some awesome skills at training camp. Where Tim Tebow is going to be exciting to watch is that he throws that sneaky face to the Patriots offense, he is also going to work with the best QB in the NFL in Brady. If Tebow wants to play in the NFL he will listen to what Bill Belichick wants him to do and he can be successful. Two words if you think I'm wrong, Julian Edelman, a former Quarter Back at Kent State, enough said on this subject for now.

Matt Stairs, I had the pleasure to watch Matt hit is first homerun in New Brunswick Senior Baseball game in 20+ years. Matt still has his swing that made him very successful in the Major Leagues. Matt is currently batting .500 (as of the stats on the NB Senior Baseball League's website).

I highly recommend going out to Royals Field to catch a game under the lights, its always entertaining to see. Just don't forget your bug spray.

Speedway 660, Another great way to spend a Saturday night in the Capital area, was out last night to watch the Sportsman 100 Lap Feature, a race which was won by Matt Maillet after a mechanical failure from Dave O'Blenis, with thirty laps remaining in the feature. O'Blenis had the car to beat during the feature as he was able to get a 2-3 car length lead off of every restart. Maillet took home $3000 for his efforts and hardwork.

Well that's it for now, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts as I'm sure I'm going to have lots to say in the future!


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Friday, 24 May 2013

One Team In and One More To Go...

So it being Friday night and all, the second Friday night of the MasterCard Memorial Cup to determine the CHL National Champion, we've got one team in the final already and that's the QMJHL President's Cup Champs the Halifax Mooseheads. As I sit here patiently waiting to see who their opponents are going to be either the OHL Champ London Knights or the WHL Champs Portland Winterhawks. The host team Saskatoon Blades were finished off last night by the Knights earning their way into the semi-final against Portland.

Saskatoon had a rough post-season being knocked out of the playoffs in the first round four straight by Medicine Hat Tigers, a tough pill to take as a host team of the Memorial Cup, one that worked out well for the Shawinigan Cataractes last season.

Something that bothers me about this whole thing though is the fact there has been no one in the stands! Did the city of Saskatoon go away on a holiday during the tournament? I mean usually the host teams are guaranteed sell-outs and it didn't even look like that in this case, unless they were all dressed in "Blue Chair Camo" attire. This was also the case for the University Cup, which is somewhat a little more understandable, but still people! I went to a Memorial Cup game some years ago in Moncton between the Vancouver Giants and the Quebec Rempart (By the way, congrats to Patrick Roy after just being announced as the new head coach and vice president of hockey operations of the Colorado Avalanche) that still had a full house!

I was actually jealous of the people of Saskatoon for having the chance to see the best hockey in Canada not only once but twice in the same spring!


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Monday, 13 May 2013

The Players Championship at Sawgrass...

So with an exciting finish to the The Players Championship at Sawgrass a winner was crowned in Tiger Woods. Tiger played well through the day did have a bit a fumble hitting into the water on 14 (I think) and this was a day that he deserved the win and deserved to have a majority of the coverage on him as he was in the lead pretty much from the beginning to the end.

Here's where it drives me nuts watching golf, it doesn't matter where Tiger is on the leaderboard, you can be sure the cameras are on him. It would be so bad if he was bombing drives down the fairway on every shot, putting it close to the pin on every shot and sinking 20 foot putts, but this isn't always the case. Its usually because he has hit a drive into the woods and is trying to recover. I mean if I wanted to watch somebody hit duck hooks I would go to the course myself.

The biggest part of Tiger's game I will give him credit for is his ability to recover on the golf course. he can put ball into the woods and perfectly place it back on the fairway or green. It just drives me nuts that when he isn't on the leader board he still gets full coverage, mean while the leaders seem to have a reduced coverage.

I must repeat I'm not knocking Tiger, I don't blame him for this. Give the guy credit where credit is due, he has proven his skills and abilities has the highest number of "Major" wins of any active golfer, I really liked this stat he has won his "100th tournament start, 200th tournament start, and 300th tournament start".

Just a little rant...


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Sunday, 12 May 2013

First Round is Just About Over...

So a couple of upsets with the first round of the NHL Playoffs so far.

I'm a little disappointed in the ending of the Canucks season, Alain Vigneault has to shoulder some of the blame for this, you have to stick with your guy or your gonna kill his confidence. These are the words of wisdom I give to Coach Vigneault. After listing Cory Schneider as the starting goaltender at the beginning of the season and not having the wherewithal to stick with him through thick and thin have got to kill a guys confidence. Schneider held his head high and stuck it out like a true gentleman and so did Roberto Luongo for that matter. But to start Luongo for the first two games of the quarter finals and then go with Schneider says to the fans and to the team that you don't have confidence in either one and your grasping at straws and hoping for the best outcome.

I hope it works out for Coach Vigneault but its not looking good, the Canucks lead the West the last two seasons to be beat out in the first round by 8th place teams, that won't sit well with team management and the fans in Vancouver.

The Habs going out four games to one against the Ottawa Sens just goes to show how gritty the Sens can play and they stuck with their game plan and that through off the Canadiens, the Habs had a few key injuries with Lars Eller going out in the first few minutes of game one, Max Pacioretty and Carey Price both playing injured, Brain Gionta in and out of the line-up with injuries, tough-guy Brandon Prust playing injured as well and eventually not able to come back during the series, this was also the same case with Carey Price ushering the way for Peter Budaj for game five. The Habs just didn't seem to have what it took to keep it going and fell short. Michel Therrien did a great job with this team this season keeping them at the top of the standings for most of the abbreviated season, with some good roster moves in the off season this team could be a force to be reckoned with next year. This is also good news for Assistant Coach Gerard Gallant, former head coach of the Saint John Sea Dogs.

The Miracle Islanders, okay yeah I know they only got two wins in their series, but they got two wins against Sid the Kid's Penguins!! the eighth place team put on quite a show for their fans at the Nassau Coliseum. All of the games were high scoring games and made exciting for the Islander fans, it sure shows an improvement in this team going into next season. I'd sure like to see them keep it up and give it another go next season before the team moves to Brooklyn.

St. Louis, what can I say about you guys??? I got it... You should have started Jake Allen instead of making him one of your Black Aces in the stands. You took the first two wins at home, and then gave it away to lose four straight. In what announcers called some of the roughest hockey they have seen in a long time, this was your opportunity to make up for last season and..... well there's always next season. Enjoy the fairways.

Ahhh this leaves me to the Minnesota Wild, I actually feel bad for you guys, your starting goal tender gets injured in warm-ups in Niklas Backstrom, this leads way to Josh Harding, who did quite well considering he's never been to the NHL playoffs, but this poor guy went down to injury as well which lead to Darcy Kuemper going in the crease and he did quite well all things considered with the pressure he was under, but this team's offense let them down when it was needed most, now Corey Crawford did stand on his head during the first round for Chicago but with guys like Zach Parise, Dany Heatley, and Mikko Koivu, they needed to step up and start putting lots of shots on goal which didn't happen.

With all that being said its time for the Islanders, Canadiens, Blues, Wild and Canucks all to hit the books on this years draft and free agent market and see what they can make happen, plus it still gets them a head start on the golf course.

Don't forget there is a game seven tonight with the Detroit Red Wings and the Anaheim Ducks and tomorrow there are two more the Leafs came back to tie the Bruins and force a final game in Boston and the Rangers tied the series up today in NYC to force game seven in Washington.


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